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Jessie Zimmerman

Las Vegas, NV
Hello, my name is Jessie Zimmerman and I am the Heath and Physical educator at Vail Pittman ES. My passions are health, physical activity and technology. Some of the most influential people in my life have been coaches and physical educators. I have come to know this truth, that with the right education, direction, perseverance, and encouragement all students can become the best version of themselves.

Being a father has shown me the challenges of raising children on today’s terms. There are numerous outlets that push against raising a person to have healthy goals and ambitions. My direction in life is to help this generation to see the positive influences that are also around them. Knowledge can be our best friend. I start every day fresh and ready to accept what it has to teach me. I offer this attitude to my students and my athletes in order to show them that there are always lessons and a person is never going to stop learning.

With the power of a healthy body, mind, and wherewithal we can all be our very best, ready to tackle whatever may come our way, Thank you

Jessie Zimmerman
Health/Physical Educator

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